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10% increases SEO content marketing every year

A significant proportion of all purchase decisions and final transactions are now made on the Internet. The web-based search for goods and new machines, means of production, partners, etc. is now the order of the day. A customer journey usually precedes the purchase decision. From the recognition of a problem or need to the final use of a service, you are accompanied by finely tuned information. General product descriptions, ratings, price comparisons and personal impressions are just some of the central formats that companies have to cover here.

We are there when the customer makes the purchase decision

Content marketing starts with the entry of terms into the Google search line, which is where the online customer journey usually begins. Recognizing the typical challenges or needs of your own target group and then playing out important information in this regard as precisely as possible can be defined as core goals. It is therefore important to establish the reasons
why (potential) customers start a search on the Internet and to serve the relevant issues with your own content in the best possible way.

Provide buying experience and stand out

But what must such content be able to do? The answer to this question is actually given relatively quickly. Potentially beneficial content is unique and offers real value to your target audience. Content marketing is often described as the “silver bullet”, but is also associated with the phrase “girl for everything”. Neither approach is entirely wrong. Appropriate measures can indeed provide significant benefits in a variety of ways. So you are – as described – today an elementary factor in customer acquisition. But the loyalty of existing customers is also massively favored by a consistently good supply of relevant content. SEO also benefits, because well-coordinated content captivates viewers.

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